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-TASKO Factory's inspiration turned into Reality

Untitled (Making #235), 2021 © Gottingham
Image courtesy of TASKO and Studio Xxingham

Art Factory TASKO seeks to further energise Japanese craftsmanship. This exhibition is an opportunity to discover the charm of creativity whilst experiencing the unique perspectives and ideas of TASKO works in a variety of ways that utilise all five senses.

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Model Railroad Running 2024
Sat 27th Apr - Mon 6th May 2024 
Venue: Atrium (1st floor)

Fri 5th Apr - Mon 6th May 2024
Gallery A (1st floor)

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Collection Exhibition I: Playful !

When painters and sculptors consider motifs, compositions, shapes, and materials, a sudden inspiration or a playful idea can often become the key for creation. This exhibition presents artworks focusing on unique styles and ideas.

Fri 5th Apr - Mon 3rd Jun 2024
Collection Gallery (3rd floor)

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