JUNKO KOSHINO“From the Origin to the Present”

This exhibition provides a full view of JUNKO KOSHINO’s activities up to her most recent works; the art works created during her high school years in Kishiwada City, Osaka, as the origin of her creative work; her Soen Award-winning work, the scenery of the boutique in the 1960s; the uniform designed for Expo’70 Osaka; and JUNKO KOSHINO’s world view expressed through her fashion such as “TAIKYOKU” (extreme contrast/bipolarity/harmony). Also on display is her collaboration with DRUM TAO, a group of drummers based in Kuju of Oita Prefecture performing throughout Japan and abroad. During the exhibition period, special events planned with JUNKO KOSHINO will be held. We invite you to come and enjoy the full range of works by JUNKO KOSHINO who is always on the cutting edge of fashion and creativity.

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