OPAM × Nose Iseo Theater in Museum

Encounters between live performance, photography, moving image, and avant-garde art

OPAM, the museum which was established with the concept of ‘the museum of encounters,' celebrates the first anniversary with a new and challenging exhibition, Theater in Museum. 'Theater' in the title does not mean an opera house or a movie theater, but instead refers to a place where expression takes shape. In this exhibition, OPAM aims to create a spectacular otherworldliness that transcends the image of an art gallery by incorporating the elements of 'theater' into the museum. The supervisor of this show is Nose Iseo, who is the multi-talented artist and the director of live house PEPPERLAND in Okayama. Along with his photography, film, and conceptual art, the exhibition will also display works by avant-garde artist such as Masunobu Yoshimura. OPAM turns into a space where expression in different genres co-exist, creating a place of “encounters.”

Yoshimura Masunobu Anti-material; Light on Möbius 1968 Dora☆Miho photo by Yumika
Yoshimura Masunobu Anti-material; Light on Möbius 1968 Dora☆Miho photo by Yumika

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