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©Hiroyuki Hirai
©Hiroyuki Hirai

OPAM displays a collection of publications ranging from illustrated reference books on the minerals and plants that form the materials to make paints, to works based around the original themes of natural science, Oita lifestyle, and the spirit of the Japanese people, creating a gallery of books that visitors can enjoy with their eyes.

Usage Guide
Usage Guide

Generally open 7 days a week (Temporary closed due to changing displays or re-organizing books with advanced notice.)
10:00-19:00 (last admission is 18:30)
Fridays and Saturdays: 10:00-20:00 (last admission is 19:30)

Using the books

There is no registration procedure needed to read the books. You may read the books at your leisure, but it is not possible to borrow the books. You may not take books or materials out of the Reference Area.

How to use the information terminal (tablet computers)

Tablets may be used in the Reference Area. There is a simple registration procedure, so customers wishing to use tablets should talk to member of staff.


A member of staff is always on duty. If you have any questions regarding browsing books or using the information terminal, or if you need guidance regarding using the building, please talk to a member of staff.

The Toshioka Collection

Works collected by the collector Mr. Toshioka Nobuo (the Toshioka Collection) are being displayed.

Change of displays・Re-Organizing books

The displays change periodically. Books are also sometimes re-organized. On days when the displays are changed or the books re-organized, some sections of the Reference Area may be unable to be accessed or used.