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OPAM Education Activities

Through Oita Prefectural Art Museum’s education activity, people may enjoy OPAM’s exhibited works and of art in general, OPAM is running organized activities that involve all the participants working together and using their bodies and senses. Furthermore, OPAM is creating a space where encounters between people and art can take place.

Workshops Guided Tours Lectures Art Class
Enjoy feeling with your body. Get excited, feel your heart race, and tickle your curiosity. Everyone can join the tour to take a look at the pieces of art together. It is interesting to look at the art while having conversations. Conversation and experience. Knowing things, trying things, both things together – that is even more enjoyable. Classes for people wish to learn more. These are most certainly a special experience.
Open Studios School Programs Outreach Workshop
Photographic Archive
A studio for creating art, that anyone can easily participate. Let’s come into contact with art and have fun creating art. Museum are really interesting! These are activities that people can experience aimed at school groups that combine art appreciation and art creation. OPAM runs activities focused on the appealing points of the region. Perhaps you will come to see the places around you in a different light. An introduction to the workshops that have been held previously.