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Adoration of Bamboo

Special Feature of Oita Bamboo Art and History

Oita Prefectural Art Museum (OPAM) has a collection of more than 5000 items, mainly by artists from, or connected to, Oita Prefecture. Throughout the year, we present these works through collection exhibitions and special exhibitions. In particular, our collection of about 300 bamboo art works, from both within Oita Prefecture and other parts of the country, is known as one of the largest and highest-quality collections in Japan. The centerpiece of the collection is 76 items (20 deposits) by Oita Prefecture’s own SHONO Shounsai (1904-74) who was the first person in the field of bamboo art to be designated as a Living National Treasure.
At OPAM, we view bamboo art works as being important, local, cultural assets which reflect Oita Prefecture’s culture, climate and nature. Presently, within the collection exhibition, we are presenting a series of special exhibitions titled “Adoration of Bamboo: Special Features of Oita’s Bamboo Art and History”.
“Shikun (此君)”, used in the Japanese title for this special exhibition, is another name for bamboo. It alludes to a phrase of Wang Zixou, a literary man of Jin dynasty (266–420) China who deeply adored bamboo; “It’s unbearable to spend one day without this lord (Shikun 此君).”
This special exhibition (Vol.4 and 5 being held in 2022) introduces the history and characteristics of bamboo art from a variety of angles, with each volume following a different theme. Please enjoy the various charms of bamboo art.