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Exhibition: Drawing Manga!

――Lines, Panels, Kyara

Japanese people profoundly embrance manga culture.

It’s not just professional manga artists – actually, many people like to draw “pictures.” Most manga readers have tried to copy a “picture” from a beloved manga series and “draw” at least once. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the continued existence of such “drawing readers” as a large group is a major source of support for manga’s success today. This exhibition aims to draw the visitors’ attention to the fundamental aspects of manga - “drawing,” “showing people,” “enjoying,” - and to introduce visitors to the wonderful painting skill of outstanding manga artists, as well as to encourage visitors to re-consider the period’s background from various different points of view. Please enjoy and experience the various developments and further possibilities of this medium called manga, from the post-war period to the present.

All dreams begin with pen and paper.

Displaying the works of 8 manga artists who are currently at the forefront of the manga world. Introducing the “skills” of original lines and layouts through original drawings and magnified panels etc.

When famous works are born – analyzing the drawings of the masters.

Introducing all at once the various guides and tools used to “draw” manga.
From analog tools to the newest digital tools, experience various ways of “drawing”

The power of “drawing” extends to the future

An introduction to the childhoods of the artists who created immortal famous works and an introduction to their precious works both before and after their debuts.

Under the Auspices of:Oita Prefecture, Oita Prefecture Board of Education, THE NISHINIPPON SHIMBUN CO.,LTD., Japan Broadcasting Corporation Oita Station, Oita Broadcasting System, Inc. Television Oita System Corporation, Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd., FM OITA, Oita Cable Telecom Co.,Ltd., OITA INFORMATION HOUSE CO.,LTD
Supervisor: Ito Go(Manga Critic, Aassociate Pprofessor of the Department of Manga Faculty of Arts Tokyo Polytechnic University)
Assistant to the supervisor: Miwa Kentaro (Manga Researcher, Graduate Student of Gakushuin University)
Planning cooperation : Art Planning Rey., Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.
Special cooperation: Kumamoto Manga Museum Project (NPO), Kodansha Ltd., SHUEISHA Inc., Shogakukan Inc., Shonengahosha, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. GG7, movic co.,LTD, Tranquilizer product Ltd., YOTUBA SUTAZIO, LEED Publishing Co. Ltd., pixiv
Planning support: Kyoto Seika University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, CELSYS, Inc., Wacom Co., Ltd., DELETER. INC., ComiPo LLP
Special Support: TOKIWA
Sponsors: KCS.OITA, TOSEMI, Beppu University