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Auspicious Celebration of Lives

- Installation of 12 Pillars + Performances of Encounters -

Within the origin of the creation of objects in Japan is this concept of “celebration,” or worship, regarding people’s work in their daily lives. By “objects” we refer not only to personal belongings –the term can also be said to extend to contemporary craftwork and contemporary art. People live form day to day rooted to the local nature and culture, and continue to foster a life. This exhibition displays works based on the theme of “celebration” by twelve contemporary Japanese artists, who face their materials with sincerity, as well as videos and performance by four international artists who express through their art their “encounters” with Oita’s unknown inhabitants and natural features, their experience in Oita, and their impressions. By exhibiting these works in the same space, the exhibition will produce creative “encounters” with visitors to the gallery. The “12 Pillars of Celebration” are connected to the twelve divisions of the lunar year that express the cycle of all creation, the Eurasian yin and yang, and the movement of the universe and its celestial bodies. Please enjoy this festive space of life that emerges before one’s eyes through an emotionally resonating four-artist performance from overseas, in which the performers evoke the god of dance, Bacchus, and the god Dionysus.

Participating Artists
For 12 Pillars
Aoki Noe, Fujimoto Yukio, Higuchi Takehiko, Majima Naoko, Masuda Hiromi, Muramoto Takahiro, Nakamura Yoko, Rusu Aki, Sakagishi Yoshiou, Toda Yusuke, Toya Shigeo, Yoshi Yusuke
For Performance of Encounters
Steven Cohen, Tone Fink, Marianne Greber, Doris Uhlich

OPAM “Auspicious Celebration of Lives” Exhibition Committee, Oita Prefectural Art Museum, Oita Prefecture Arts, Culture and Sports Promotion Foundation
Under the Auspices of:
Austrian Embassy Tokyo, Oita Prefecture, Oita Prefectural Board of Education, THE NISHINIPPON SHIMBUN CO.,LTD., Japan Broadcasting Corporation Oita Station, Oita Broadcasting System, Inc., Television Oita System Corporation, Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd., FM OITA, Oita Cable Telecom Co.,Ltd.
Supported by:
Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016
Taketa city, Kunisaki city Board of Education, Oita University Human Welfare Research Center, Beppu University, Lufthansa Cargo AG, Austrian Airlines AG, ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO., LTD